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Eco Molding co., Ltd., base on Shenzhen China. A company with over 10 years experience of plastic injection molding. We offer one stop injection mold services, such as mold design , plastics injection molding and custom injection mold. All of our pre-sales staff members are plastics injection molding engineers who enjoy the profound experience in the field and can communicate with you without any obstacles. Contact us now for a quote!

plastic injection molding china

Plastic injection molding refers to the process that the molten plastic is injected into closed mold cavities though the nozzle of injection machines. After cooling, the molten plastic will be solidified into the desired plastic part.,

mold design

Mold design is a basic but important part in plastic injection molding, regardless of the size and position of the gate, the size of the main inserts , runner system, cooling and ejector position, all affect the final injection results.

custom mold manufacturing

We are well expericenced in various custom plastic injection mold manufacturing according to the drawing or samples which are provided by customers around the world.production in China or export the molds after finished

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James Hughes - Owner of Soap Pouch LLC

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with our product! Your people did an excellent job and should be commended. As for Creacy, I'd like to say what a pleasure it was working with him. He went above and beyond what could be expected. We look forward to working with him again and if you have another company inquiring about references I will be happy recommending Creacy and your company!

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