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In order to produce high-quality, customized parts, we need a professional and technical team; we must verify and find multiple service providers, such as design and engineering, Tooling, troubleshooting, quality control, packaging providers, while promoting and organizing communication between the different aspects. However, If you choose to work with turnkey manufacturers, all these sources of pressure will be eliminated, which will lead to an experienced supplier providing a full range of one-stop manufacturing solutions.

turnkey mold maker in China

The benefit of working with turnkey mold makers is our guidance on how an experienced professional team can simplify all aspects of production projects, and many benefits of turnkeys injection manufacturers, such as cost savings and simplified communication, Let’s take a closer look. Some of them.

High Efficiency

In a turnkey team, All members will work together to achieve a goal of successfully creating designs and building ideals finished products for you. Without turnkey vendors, you will have to go through a whole difficult process, Including management of multiple vendors, synchronization of vendors’ plans, and sending (and sometimes re-sending) plans/prototypes; however, Turnkey teams can take full responsibility for production projects – from concept to mass production – and provide instant project updates in a simple phone call.

More flexible

It is made much easy and convenient to change or optimize the current designs, thanks to the fact that designers, toolmakers and injection molding master work closely in the same turnkey company. If you choose to work with several companines, you will have to contact your designer and manufacturer separately when you have some design change. On the contrary, handling a single turnkey mold maker makes it easier and smoother to communicate and more quickly to make changes.

Also, a more unified and consistent process will be guaranteed, because the molding shop, designer and tool-making teams might have rich experience working with each other because they worked together for a very long term.

Smoother process

In a turnkey team, all the members will be working closely to achieve a single target – help you finish your project perfectly. If you can find a trustworthy turnkey mold maker, the overall quality across every step of the project can be guarantee, since the inevitable quality variance associated with working with multiple different suppliers can be eliminated. Usually, you’ll probably get a higher level service.

In addition, working with several supplier may leads to blames on each other if any mistake or defect take place, while a turnkey molding manufacturer is definitely held to a higher level of management, so a smoother and less mistake process can be guaranteed for everyone involved.

More Savings

If you are delegating your project to a dedicated turnkey injection molding manufacturer, You can save saves not only time, but also money. A full-service provider can offer better price for their services than other company that can only handle one step in the manufacture process.

In addition, a turnkey mold maker can process your invoice in a consistent manner to ensure less confusion and easy account job for you.

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The skilled engineer and designer teams at a turnkey mold maker are able to make sure shorter production cycles,better service & savings, and higher-quality product.

With a history of more than 15 years, the ECO molding is able to offer the highest quality services. We work in close with each of our clients by using our expertise on high-precision and high-volume plastic injection molding, so as to ensure a streamlined and effective process, while adding value to your business base on our rich experience in the injection mold industry. Most designers at Eco Molding began as toolmakers, so they are able to accurately make a plastic injection mold for manufacturability.

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