The advatange of plastic compare to metal?

With the emergence of engineering graded resin materials, Many industrial field transitioned from metal to plastic begin in the 1950s, but today, Many manufacturers are still not familiar with the advantage of this technology.

Now, in the ever changing landscape, Many different precise and ecomomical plastics materials are being studied and developed, and many industries have begun to realize the benefit of replacing metals with plastics in the production of components. In fact, For many companies that uses plastics instead of metals, they can expect cost savings of up to 25-50%

Plastic parts can provide a lot of benefit for enterprise in any industry, Thanks to the fact that plastic materials are as solids and reliable as metals, and can be designed to the same level of precision tolerance.

plastic injection molded parts

The Advantage of  Plastic over the Metal

Now, as more and more industry begins to realize the benefits of replacing metals with plastics, parts manufacturers quickly choose massing injection molding as their selection process.

Plastic products have several common advantages over the metal, such as:

  • higher tensile strength
  • Less weight
  • cheaper manufacturing cost
  • More flexible designing
  • Less material waste
  • More efficient production
  • Easier to meet various regulatory requirements
  • Reduced packaging and shipping costs
  • Higher resistance to corrosion
  • Repeatable and predictable manufacturing

In addition to reduced part weight, as well as improved overall part strength and resistance to corrosion, replacing metal with plastic also allows us to consolidate several different metal parts into a single plastic one. Moreover, apart from providing the equal strength and offering the same level of tight tolerances as the metal, fewer secondary operations are required of a plastic part, thus able to save both time and costs.

Actually, it is possible to build a plastic part that possesses higher quality physical and chemical properties than the metal, with the help of specialized design methods.

Cost Reduction

As mentioned above, replacing metal with plastic is able to reduce manufacturing costs by 25 – 50%, one single plastic product can replace several different metal products, so the assembly can therefore be eliminated; the plastic product can be made with different color during production, so the painting processes are able to be eliminated.

In addition to cost reduction, the application of the plastic material can also dramatically improve product quality. The advantage of plastic part can be optimized in several ways that include:

  • The plastic material are recycle
  • Product service life is longer
  • Design options are more diversified
  • Secondary processes can be eliminated,save time and labor
  • Product strength is improved
  • The product is lighter and easier to use


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