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Sositar is a professional injection molding company in China

Sositar molds and plastic Co.,Limited is a professional injection molding company in China, based on Shenzhen city and established in 1998. Special in injection mould making and injection molding production. Oour company can provide plastic product design,injection mould making and injection molding production one stop OEM service. Our factory cover 3800 square meters and have around 150 employees.

Our mold shop have been well equipped by advance CNC,EDM and slow wire cut, special in home appliance mould, office appliance mould, automotive mould, electronic product mould medical mould and moulds for general industrial. Our injection molding shop have more than 20 precision injection machines, A wide range of raw material are used in our daily operation. These materials include PP, ABS, HIPS, PE, PA, POM, PMMA, PC, PVC, TPE, PET.

Our engineering team equipped with advanced CAE/CAD/CAM software to improve production efficiency. Our experienced project manager was taking care of the whole processes from order release to mold shipment, also include after-sales service. They have very good English communication skills, It will guarantee the communication between factory and our customer run smoothly without misunderstanding.

Our company always seek to develop relationships with customers as partners, integrating technical expertise, excellent service, diversified manufacturing capacities and mutual profitability. if you have some injection mould making or injection molding needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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