2 plate mold

2 plate mold refers to the mold that splits into a fixed half and a movable half when the mold opens.

2 plate mold

A deviation of the two plate mold, e.g. the addition of a spring board for control of mold opening sequence, to realize delayed opening via the slide and lifter mechanism, etc. For example, a spring is added between 5 and 6 in the Fig. shown, so that 5 and 6 open first during mold opening process. Another deviation of the two-plate mold – the product needs to be ejected from the mold core with a stripper plate. For example, a stripper plate is added between 4 and 5 in the Fig. shown on the previous page, so as to eject the product from the mold core.

2 plate mold

Pros of the Two-Plate Mold:

¨With a simple structure and diversified forms, the Two-plate mold is very commonly seen, and easy to maintain. ¨The gate types of the 2-plate mold include direct gate, side gate, submarine gate, banana gate, tab gate, disk gate, fan gate .

Cons of the Two-Plate Mold

¨Additional processing is needed to remove the gate of all 2-plate molds except the submarine gate and the banana gate.

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