What Are the Types of Mold base?

Types of Standard Plastic Injection Mold Base

  1. Standard Edge Gate Mold Base (2 plates mold)

  2. Standard Point Gate Mold Base (3 plates mold)

  3. Standard Simplified Point Gate Mold Base (Simplified 3 plates mold)

  A standard mold base is composed of four parts, i.e., mold plate, guide pin bushing, return pin and screw.

According to its application, the mold plate can be divided into two categories: the main plates (A Plate and B Plate) and the structural plates (top clamping plate, bottom clamping plate, support plate, ejector plate, space block and runner stripper plate, etc.). Any mold base is made up of A Plate , B Plate, and different structural plates assembled in a certain order.

Injection Mold Types

Structure of Standard Side Gate Mold Base (see the Fig.: Type AI)

two plate mold

The standard Side gate mold base(2 plate mold) includes 12 types, see the Fig. below:

two plate mold series

Structure of Standard Point Gate Mold Base(3 plate mold), see the Fig.: Type DAI)

3 plate mold

The standard point gate mold base includes 16 types, see the Fig. below:

Structure of Standard Simplified Point Mold Base (see Fig.: Type FAI)

simplified 3 plate mold

Standard simplified 3 plate mold base includes 8 types, see the Fig. below:

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