Injection mold layout design

Injection mold layout design steps

The layout design of a plastic injection mold is a very comprehensive job. To do it, you...
Auto Unscrewing Mold

Plastic injection mold types

1.Single Parting Surface Mold(two plate mold) When the mold opens, the cavity and...
injection mold cooling system

Injection mold cooling systems design

Influence of Injection Mold Cooling Influence on Product Quality
three plates mold structure

Three plate mold opening sequence

A three-plate mold has three partings – the first is between the runner plate and the cavity plate, the second between the...
parting surface of plastic injection mold

Design Principles of Mold Parting Surface

Introduction: When designing a plastic injection mold, the selection of the parting surface is an important design factor....
ejector pins for runner

Ejector systems design principle and description

The ejection of a plastic product is the last step in the plastic injection molding process. The quality of the ejection determines the quality...
undercuts release by cav sliders

Undercuts in plastic injection molding

When there are through holes, recesses and bosses, etc. on the side wall of a plastic product which make it impossible to...

Guiding System Design for Plastic Injection Mold

Purpose of the Guiding system: Positioning & Guiding Maintain the correct clamping of the core...

Types and Uses of Injection Mold Interlocks

In a plastic injection mold, we divide the mold into a core and a cavity, which are often opened and closed. In order to...
two plate mold series

What Are the Types of Mold base?

Types of Standard Plastic Injection Mold Base   1. Standard Edge Gate Mold Base (2 plates mold)