ABS Injection molding parts

How to improve the glossiness of injection molded parts?

I. Injection Mold 1. If the mold cavity is not appropriately processed, such as the appearance...
PC+ABS plastic resin

PC+ABS plastic injection molding material characteristics and conditions

What is the PC+ABS material? What are the purposes of PC+ABS? And, what is the injection molding...
flow mark injection molding defect

Flow mark-plastic injection molding defect

(1) What is  flow mark (appearance)? Flow mark refers to the wavy lines or patterns appearing on the surface of the...
Discoloration plastic injection molding defect


(1) What is discoloration (appearance)? Discoloration means that the color of the molded product is not consistent with the required color. Since...
Pitting issue plastic injection molding defects

Pitting issue plastic injection molding defects

What is pitting (appearance)? Pitting mainly refers to the dents produced on thick walls. Pitting is caused because the...
The Causes of Black Spots

Black spots -plastic injection molding defects

What are black spots?(appearance)? Black spot refer to the black Speck or streak on a molded...
the cause of burn mark air trap

Burn mark( air trap) plastic injection molding defect

(1) What Is Burn Mark? (Appearance) Burn Mark refers to the blackened edge that is caused...
welding line injection molding defect

Welding line,plastic injection molding defects

What Is Welding Line? (Appearance) The weld line appears where the resin flows meet. As shown in the...
sink mark injection molding defects

Sink Mark, plastic injection molding defect

(1) What is sink mark (appearance)? A sink mark refers to the surface depression caused by resin shrinkage. After the crystalline...

Injection molding defect bubbles

(1) What is bubble (appearance)? Bubble refers to the phenomenon in which the surface of a molded product  bulges.