the cause of burn mark air trap

Burn mark( air trap) plastic injection molding defect

(1) What Is Burn Mark? (Appearance) Burn Mark refers to the blackened edge that is caused...
weld lines injection molding defects

Weld lines,plastic injection molding defects

What are Weld Lines? (Appearance) Weld lines appears where the resin flows meet. As shown in the figures...
sink marks injection molding defects

Sink Marks, plastic injection molding defect

(1) What are sink marks (appearance)? Sink marks refer to the surface depression caused by resin shrinkage. After the crystalline resin...

Injection molding defect bubbles

(1) What is bubble (appearance)? Bubble refers to the phenomenon in which the surface of a molded product  bulges.
PVC injection molding

PVC plastic injection molding process

Thanks to its low price, inherently anti-inflammatory features, great hardness and rigidity, as well as the outstanding...
PP plastic injection molding

PP plastic injection molding resin characteristics

1.      PP - Chemical Name: Polypropylene, Shrinkage Rate: 0.012-0.018%; Relative Density: 0.9-0.91 g/cm3 2.     The...
Nylon PA plastic injection molding

Nylon PA plastic injection molding material

Nylon (polyamide, abbreviated as PA) refers to a plastic composed of polyamide resins, which can be obtained by polycondensation of diamines and...
Polycarbonate injection molded product

Polycarbonate (PC) injection molding conditions

In PC plastic injection molding process, the choice of moisture control and molding conditions are the two...
ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene )

ABS, an Engineering Plastic for injection molding

ABS Plastic Resin Introduction ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) is one of the five major synthetic resins, which is...
The fluidity of plastics

Fluidity of Plastics

     The fluidity of plastics:An indicator to compare the injection molding difficulty level of a plastic material, which like viscosity, is...